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021: 26 & Fu¢ked - A young woman's perspective

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

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Tammey is joined by three-time cancer survivor, founder of The Atrium Foundation, and author of "26 & Fu¢ked," Dorothy Paredes.

First diagnosed at just age 26, and then again at 36, Dorothy opens up about topics that are unique to a young woman navigating a breast cancer diagnosis and BRCA gene mutation.

Tammey and Dorothy discuss the often overlooked options for fertility preservation and have intimate conversations about the mental health ramifications of a cancer diagnosis, the importance of being your own medical advocate, treatment after-effects, and recurrence.

Diving into more personal topics, they take on dating and relationships. Sharing experiences and insights on navigating a cancer diagnosis and relationship simultaneously, and the self-protective mental barriers they each had created, and how they learned to let love back into their lives.

Together, they also tackle one of the more difficult and least discussed topics - depression. Sharing their own experiences, and the view that breast cancer patients and survivors need more than a pamphlet when it comes to the very real mental health impacts of surviving and thriving through cancer.