The Your Killer Life Podcast

Because a Killer Diagnosis doesn't have to Kill Your Passion for Life

Your Killer Life is a podcast where we come together to tackle the reality of surviving a killer diagnosis, like breast cancer, and help guide listeners through creating their own Killer life through the ashes of a killer diagnosis.

In this podcast we leave no stone unturned as we share deeply personal insights and experiences. We will talk about trauma, loss, treatment options, side effects, the financial impacts and realities of cancer, sex, relationships, caregiving and mental health.

Griff and Tammey sometimes solo-cast, sometimes co-host and sometimes talk with guests who bring their own experiences and expertise to the podcast.  It is important to note that we are not giving medical advice, as we have all had our own medical teams and each person, along with diagnosis, is unique.  We do hope to inspire and bring power through our vulnerability in talking about things that can too easily be kept in the dark throughout cancer treatment and diagnosis.

We are excited to have you join us in building Your Killer Life!

Griff and Tammey Grable-Woodford Podcast