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Author, Speaker and Podcaster

At the age of 43, Tammey was diagnosed with Stage 3b ER/PR+ Infiltrating Lobular Carcinoma (ILC) with micro-metastasis to the lymph nodes. Having just completed her Executive MBA from the University of Washington Foster School of Business, and completing a run for State Representative, Tammey was enjoying a career she loved and was healthiest she had ever been - or so she thought.


Her world was turned upside down as she was delivered her devastating cancer diagnosis coupled with a divorce request from her husband, someone with whom she had spent 20 years. 


Watching what was once the fertile rainforest of possibilities of her life fall to ashes around her, she had a choice to make - thrive or submit to the chaos.  Feeling betrayed by her body, her soon to be ex-husband and life, Tammey forged ahead with a singular focus - to build a life better than before.  An uncompromising life.  A life that she could not wait to wake up and step into each morning.

As a five year "thriver," Tammey is often quoted for saying that "time isn't money - time is your life."  Please come get to know Tammey as a speaker, author, podcaster and business consultant.

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A Us Army veteran and former weapons and tactics instructor with a background in EMS, Griff had spent over 15 years in a high-stress career field.  Suffering significant loss and trauma at early ages and again throughout his career, Griff has accumulated a diverse knowledge of how to succeed at creating a rich and stable life while gaining positive reach in helping others overcome the dark times in life and sharing the tools for not only recovery but how to thrive.

Though hesitant to discuss his time in the military and subsequent profession he is able to take those experiences and relate them to others in a capacity to shed light, wisdom, and understanding to those in need of help.


His deep and true love of the outdoors, be it hunting, fly fishing, horsemanship or hiking is overshadowed only by his love of his wife, Tammey Grable-Woodford.  To whom he owes much of his happiness and success, both in spite of and because of their mutual journey through cancer, surgeries and ultimate recovery.  Please come get to know him as a speaker, podcaster and writer at "Your Killer Life" and Taniant.  

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Outdoorsman, Speaker and Podcaster


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