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Food for Health: Instant-pot Hummus

Delicious and creamy hummus! This is definitely my go to snack. My favorite thing to slather it on? Raw cauliflower! Which makes for a power-packed anticancer snack! However, hummus prices at the grocery store can be a bit startling. Let me show you how you can make this magic bean dip for a fraction of the price and in almost no time.

What is so healthy about hummus?

Hey, I am glad you asked!

That is a whole lot of healthy news!

So what's the deal with magnesium?

Science Daily reported that up to 50% of the American population is magnesium deficient. Magnesium deficiency can result in symptoms such as:

Science Daily also reported that low magnesium levels make vitamin D ineffective. Now I don't know about you, but when I was diagnosed with cancer, we also found my vitamin D to be very low, and low vitamin D is highly correlated to breast cancer, check out this read from the Cleveland Clinic.

Ok, so hummus tastes great, makes a great snack, is packed with protein, delivers amazing nutrients, tastes great, and is easy to make! What's not to love? Oh... and did you know there is such thing as a dessert hummus? Let me know if you want my cookie dough hummus recipe.

Wishing you much happy healthy cooking!


Instant-pot Hummus


  • 3/4 cup Dried