Day 9: I was worried I wouldn’t have anything funny to talk about today…

I was worried I wouldn’t have anything funny to talk about today… But not true! Apparently my announcement on running for office from LAST year popped up in the comments section of the 1030 KMAS website this morning. Who says the universe doesn’t have comedic timing!? And seriously – I still love the support!

So lots of good questions from friends on the diagnosis. I do not know stage yet and likely will not until more testing is done. This could be a good diagnosis, all things considered, but an MRI will tell us stage and whether or not this is invasive or in situ. Just a fancy way to say “is it anywhere else?” So stay tuned – talk with the surgeon tomorrow at 1.

Tonight my brother, sister and mom will all be here. Bittersweet really. This was planned before ‪#‎killerleftboob‬ decided to attack. We will still have fun but it is also a time of preparing for battle and change. Mom doesn’t know yet that she will probably end up helping me with work and helping me find alkalizing vegan recipes…. That will be a challenge – we are a meat and tater family… Best redneckonize!

Make it an awesome day guys!

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