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Day 43: She’s radioactive!

So… Had preop, they gave me a nice body wash as a parting gift… And loads of stuff to read. . Had some more blood drawn… It’s like the lab just can’t get enough of me… Had the subarealor injection with the peeps in nuclear medicine… it hurt like hell… and I dropped the f-bomb (sorry Mom).

Radiologist felt bad, nuclear med nurse said it was ok. They did put a bobo aid on it and face it… Bandaids fix anything! . I’m s’pose to massage those nuclear isotopes 3-5 minutes at least four times between now and the yet to be determined surgery date in the morning.

Theme song for the day “I Touch Myself” by Chrissy Amphlett/Divinyls. Which is not short of irony – like many things along this little adventure:

Preop instructions say something about no alcohol and needing an adult to drive me home from the hospital. Seriously… I feel they need to set more appropriate goals for people having surgery. Just sayin’

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