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Day 8: Diagnosis day round 2!

Now it is also Dental day… So it is double D day and I will let you all figure out the irony of that on your own! . Since the dentist does right by me and provides a right proper sedative (1 halcion before bed and one an hour before the appointment) I am guaranteed to be in a great state of mind for news I receive today! . However… I may not remember it…. . Last time I took halcion I had the best dental appointment ever! Apparently I took a mid crown procedure selfie (um…. EW) and sent it off to Rick who was out in the waiting room – I found the pictures later… Glad I didn’t do anything crazier with them! OMG! But basically the appointment went like this: checked in, said hi to everyone, hours later “woke up” having a peanut butter milkshake at Kid Valley on Lake Washington. ‪#‎truth‬ Dentist needs to coach Radiologist on how to relax a patient…

Rick has offered to hold my phone during the dental appointment… Um…. No!

No idea when we get pathology news…. As long as it is sometime today.

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