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OHMYHECK! Love you guys! They placed three metal markers in/near the masses. The ultrasound biopsy was far less painful – but Lefty is a grumpy butt anyway – so it hurt. Hurts now. They had a hard time getting the bleeding to stop – nothin like adding pressure to something you have poked, prodded and taken a few bites out of… And the cherry on top was the mammogram at the end. Oy! By the end I did have the Dr. sold on the laser beam concept – he even said that the metal markers could assist with accuracy! I’m telling you… It could be a behavior modification tool for those who have more conversation with breasts than eyeballs! I did like the Austin Powers small firearms idea that Nick tossed out – but weapons instructor Griff was quick to point out potential recoil issues. Truth. Important things to consider!

It’s gonna smart tonight – should have a call next Tuesday with info. Can’t do much of anything for 3 days. Which is perhaps the worst of all. y’all

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