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Day 38: Life outside the comfort zone…

I am always saying that the goal in life should be to acclimate to being comfortably uncomfortable.  Thing is, I am usually talking about  purposefully and intentionally stepping outside your comfort zone.  Breast cancer is one of those times where I am being forced out of my comfort zone not by my own choice or design.  That is equating to a lot of awkward discomfort.

This weekend I am taking advantage of the free cancer retreat offered at Harmony Hill in Union Washington.  The word retreat makes me of trust falls and updating the SWOT analysis.  You know, corporate retreat stuff.  I have never attended something like the retreat I will be attending this weekend.  However, the timing for the cancer retreat is pretty perfect, considering surgery is now 6 days away.  For that I am feeling very fortunate.

The schedule looks interesting and facility is beautiful.  I am excited to learn more about nutrition and cancer, and maybe some new thoughts and ideas on ways to relax.  Cancer being the funny thing that it is, and as this great article from Science 2.0 points out, literally everyone has cancer – right now.  Truth of the matter is, relaxation is something I have been short on the past three years as I completed my Master’s of Business Administration, worked full time and ran for public office.

I am also fortunate that Harmony Hill is local to me and so I know many of the wonderful people there and its incredible story.  This will be the first time I experience Harmony Hill from the inside and I am looking forward to bringing you along… well… virtually.

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