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Day 21: I am doing a lot of future speak and succession planning

First I have to say thanks to some amazing people! My mother-in-law Joyce sent me another super fantabulous cashmere hat (modeled below by myself and my brother). Clint liked how soft the cashmere was. I was afraid I wouldn’t get the hat back!

Rock star Jolene sent me “Cooking at Harmony Hill, Recipes for Hope and Healing.” Mom and I are very excited to check out the recipes and I need to take mom and sis for field trip to Harmony Hill.

Amazing friend, fellow warrior and survivor Vanessa sent me “A Breast Cancer Alphabet” which looks like an amazing book! I can’t wait to read it!

My awesome bother and sister brought fresh flowers. Thanks Clint and Jennifer! And mom is getting us ready – she is definitely our project manager!

So much positive energy and love!

So as you guys know – I stay busy in the community and of course when we hear the word Cancer we think awful things. Some of us think this way from personal experience – some because of what we have read – and some is just us processing the information and looking through our own looking glass of our personal coping mechanisms. I spend a good amount of time on succession planning and in fact I told a friend my life is a long series of if-then-else statements right now because I don’t have all the data. For example: *If* MRI shows right boob is clear of cancer *then* I have a decision to make *else* decision is made for me. Pretty much everything in my life is like that right now.

Had a long conversation with a wonderful collaborator as we were looking at future projects and they were concerned with pain and me needing months away to recover. Reality is that I am going to be in pain for about the next year and a half. If I am lucky we are talking just three surgeries over the course of the year-year and a half. *If* Cancer in sentinel lymph nodes *then* more surgery *else* celebrate.

My personal value is derived from my work ethic and working in the community to help strengthen our community. I know I will be in the hospital post surgery but once I am out of that initial surgical fog I have to be busy or I will be climbing the walls.

I don’t know if this is a “small town” thing but businesses and community partners have just been amazing. Everyone has been supportive and accommodating. I am just blown away.

Super cool thing? Yesterday actually felt like a good productive day! No doctor appointment interruptions. Looking forward to another one of those today!

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