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Day 14: Some good stuff and a little confusion….

First the good stuff:

Chest x-Ray is clear, cancer antigens were normal, liver function normal, red count, white count, other blood work all normal.

My vitamin D is low. What’s that? LOL So gotta add Vitamin D to the daily list.

Now the confusion:

Saw the Gyno/General yesterday, he recommends unilateral instead of bilateral. More to think about. He said the good plastics people can make things match well and if the natural one err… Shall we say “ages” then we could lift it, assuming it doesn’t get cancer and have to be rebuilt. His point being that it is easier on the body to do a unilateral, and there is no guarantee that I will get cancer in the remaining natural breast just as there is no guarantee that I won’t have cancer appear again in the side I have the mastectomy. He also said that due to the type of cancer a simultaneous reconstruct may not be an option.

I told him to call the surgeon so they could get on the same page. LOL

We are still waiting on MRI approval.

Off to see plastics guy today.

Soon I’ll be looking for a tattoo artist.

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