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Day 12: New jewelry!

I have to say to say, I’m sure I’ll a nice collection of these expensive bracelets over the next few months….

Ok… Woke up thinking about wigs… And dreamt I met the oncologist.

Another funny…. After I got the chest x-Ray and blood drawn last week I went to schedule with the plastics guy for the consult and his scheduler said he could see me mid March… “I said yeah… I need to consult with him about delayed vs. simultaneous reconstruction and well… Cancer makes its own schedule.”

She looks at me and says, “Well…. He doesn’t need lunch next Tuesday, will that work?” Yep!

Now Dr. came out and that is when I met him for a moment and the energy he gave off was a little like Lurch… But we will see what I think when I actually meet him.

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