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Day 10: Surgery consult day!

Surgery consult day! This means today will be

a two parter with an update this afternoon. Carpet cleaner also comes today. Who knew that getting ready to be sick would be so much work! Thank God for friends and family.

I am guessing that we also get the referral to the oncologist today and find out what additional testing they would like done.

Actually woke up dreaming about one of my doctors trying to give me injections. In my dream, he only got through one and I chased him off. LOL. I’ve also had the theme to bionic man going through my head – I’m still adamant about lasers being a feature in the new set. “We can rebuild her. We have the technology. We can make her better than she was. Better, stronger, faster.” (Yes I know I am modifying the six million dollar man quote…. No bionic woman quotes are going through my head…)

Family is here and I am thankful for them. Mom brought everything from farm fresh eggs, to deer burger, farm fresh beef and farm fresh chicken. Then I handed her a pile of books on alkaline diets (I.e. Vegan cooking). She is great though, she is gonna help figure it out. A dear friend has told me that along this journey I will occasionally have to force myself to do things – like eat. They also said, don’t worry this minute, if you’re hungry now, just eat. This is certainly a lot to take in – appetite has definite been up and down!

10 days people. Just 10 days. Mind blowing really.

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