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Day 1: KillerLeftBoob….

So… apparently my left breast is trying to kill me. Rude of it really. I asked the doctor if I could have a copy of the ultrasound pictures to post on Facebook – I was going to ask you all to guess the gender. tongue emoticon

Tomorrow is biopsy time – 3 of them. Two are ultrasound and one is radio. So really, we won’t and don’t have any answers until mid-next week when those tests come back. That is when we get the what, how badly and recommended treatment plan. Potential good news, the lymph nodes under my arms look good on the ultrasound.

Right now, I am contemplating the benefits of being an Amazon… I imagine my golf swing would improve…. and I am ambidextrous… so archery is something I should consider taking up again…

I am the kind of person that likes to tackle things head on. The topic is not off limits guys. I would rather talk about it. This is my next adventure.

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