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020: Meet the Male Breast Cancer Coalition

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

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Episode Summary

Tammey takes a deep dive into the misunderstood, and in some cases, dismissed world of male breast cancer with

advocates Bret Miller, and Cheri Ambrose.

In 2003, Bret was a typical 17-year old guy. A senior in high school, on the football team, working at the pool and ice rink, when he noticed a lump in his breast. Without medical insurance at the time, he mentioned it to his doctor at a sports physical, but the doctor was unconcerned. Seven years later, in 2010, Bret asked a doctor again, this time his doctor sent him for a sonogram and Bret found out he had breast cancer.

In 2009 Cheri had a close male friend who was battling breast cancer. When she learned that her good friend was embarrassed and horrified to have what he called a "woman's disease," she made it her personal mission to raise male breast cancer awareness nationwide. In 2013 Cheri and Bret founded the Male Breast Cancer Coalition.

These fearless advocates give us an intimate look at everything from the individual breast cancer experience from the diagnosed male’s perspective to state and national legislation regarding gender equity in a predominantly female-driven, and focused, field of medicine and treatment.

Listen in as they share the wisdom and experience of both advocate and patient, we discuss harmful stereotypes, personal fears, and medical misinformation as it pertains to male breast cancer. Where positive and lasting change has been made for not only the men diagnosed but also in preemptive knowledge for self-diagnostics, and as they share their passion for service as they passionately continue their advocacy work.

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