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011: Drugs, Depression, and the Hidden Costs of Healing

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

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Episode Summary:

Together, Tammey and Griff look back and dissect the real cost of pain in recovering from lifesaving surgeries. With vulnerability, openness, and humor - they speak through more than four years of experience, chronicling the hazards and setbacks of drug side effects, depression, self-image, relationship impacts, and the teamwork that brought them through it all in the face of the unknown. Please listen in as they illuminate their whole picture of recovery from a life-altering illness and the subsequent life-altering treatments.

Topics in this Episode:

  • Intro

  • A guide through hardship

  • Purposeful detachment

  • For you: I will fight!

  • The skills of suffering

  • Fear of the unknown vs. the power of Spiritual certainty

  • Afraid to hope?

  • The prize of privation

  • A vantage point of helplessness

  • Know thyself and thy partner!

  • A Thousand little things

  • Most wounds are hidden

  • Irrational Selfishness

  • Equally yoked

  • Requirements for success

  • Sign off

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