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008: Mastectomies, Intimacy, Sex and a View from His Perspective

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

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Episode Summary:

It’s not taboo if it is a part of everyday life. On today’s show Griff again, joins the podcast to discuss the far-reaching impact of mastectomy surgery in terms of sex, arousal, intimacy, and romantic stability. Please join Griff and Tammey for a candid and insightful conversation about the struggles and triumphs of a post-cancer marriage.

Topics in this Episode:

  • Intro

  • An outside perspective

  • Opening shock

  • Mission Oriented

  • An Attentive Partner

  • Try not to take it personally

  • Is arousal abandoned?

  • We may not have much time

  • Adapting to the unforeseen

  • Mastectomies are NOT a “Boob Job”

  • A Difficult question

  • Is it Vanity?

  • Those who dare; Win

  • Sign off

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