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007: Mastectomy? Boob job? Or breast amputation?

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

A frank discussion about the physical, mental, and emotional impacts.

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Episode Summary:

Tammey speaks intimately and authentically on the life-altering impact of life-saving surgery. She discusses how the sterile surgical term belies the messy emotional, physical, and mental health realities felt by those diagnosed with breast cancer and facing this intervention. Tammey openly recounts the deep personal pain that goes far beyond the physical cuts of a scalpel. Discussing the very human cost of mastectomies, being brought out of the whispered cries of women and men across the world to the surface for open discussion and awareness.

“Every time I got dressed, I was reminded every time I got out of the shower, I was reminded. When I got ready for bed every night, I was reminded. There was no escaping the fact that I had cancer and I'd had a mastectomy and I was facing the unknown.” -Tammey Grable-Woodford Click to tweet

Topics in this Episode:

  • Intro

  • Terminology

  • Lost in the blur

  • In the dark and unprepared

  • A friend in need, needing friends

  • If you don’t know, I can’t explain. . .but I will try

  • The assassination of intimacy

  • Lost in my own skin

  • Thanks a lot “Kubler-Ross”

  • A new perception: A new beginning

  • Sign off

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