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000. Podcast Trailer - What is Your Killer Life and Why?

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

We are talking breast cancer - and we are no longer speaking softly.

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Episode Summary:

In this pilot episode of the Your Killer Life podcast, we meet Tammey and hear her discuss perspectives as it relates to success, love, trauma and advocacy in the midst of a breast cancer diagnosis. Hear her take you from stories of standing on the precipice of personal and financial ruin, due to health crisis, to finding her true voice, true passion and true reach to everyone in need of guidance. She will speak on health care, professional success, personal struggle, reclamation and much more. All in the first voyage of the ”Your Killer Life” blog and podcast. Get to know Tammey and see what she has in store! It might just change your life!!

“And then I learned with cancer, that time is not money. Time is your life. It is literally an exchange, a simple exchange of moments and experiences.” Click to tweet

Topics in this Episode:

  • An introduction

  • If time isn’t money, what is it?

  • Turning adversity into success

  • How to use disaster to find your best self

  • The importance of self-advocation

  • Leading and moving forward with gratitude

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