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Day 5: Because I’ve never really been sick…

Because I’ve never really been sick, except for when India tried to kill me and face it I still love her anyway, pretty much every couple hours I have new realization. Yesterday, one of the big ones was – I could lose my nipples. (Yeah… We are talking nipples people, ladies have two… Boys have two… My dog has 8… I think). This gave me a bit of panic, then an amazing loving most dear to my heart friend said… “What about tattoos?” 😯Who’dathunk?! Now I always said if I ever got a tattoo it would Hobbes – but this might not be the spot for Calvin & Hobbes. But all options are on the table… Wonder Woman, dragons (I do like dragons) a Phoenix, cherry blossom… Sponge Bob and his starfish friend…

Also, since we are assuming surgery, I needed to bump my crown work up to prior to surgery consult. I have a cracked tooth… Of course… LOL. Now it takes halcion for me to survive a trip to the dentist (for him to survive the trip?) anyway, my dentist is on vacation so I’m seeing a new guy. Thank God for the rx right? Wait… Not so fast first pharmacy says they can’t fill it because he is approved for a class to write HIGHER doses…. Made no sense. At the risk of looking like a felon… (Which is about how it feels just buying cold meds) I go to another pharmacy and explain the whole deal, it doesn’t make sense to them either…. They dig around and say they can’t fill it cuz his DEA license is current but his license to practice dentistry… according to their database is not…. They said another pharmacy’s database may have different data…. Appointment is not until Wednsday, so I’m sure we will figure it out…

If any horse tranquilizers go missing from any local vet office – it wasn’t me, and I have an alibi…. Pain report? Still hurts. Get to change dressings today….. Oooooooooweeeeeeeeeee 😯

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